ENISA launches the Cybersecurity Strategies Evaluation Tool

This tool will help European Member states evaluate their strategic priorities and objectives related to National Cyber Security Strategies.

The new National Cybersecurity Strategies evaluation tool will help Member States evaluate their priorities according to their National Cyber Security Strategies. For each strategic objective, the tool offers recommendations and ideas on how to improve. ENISA developed the tool with the aim to provide results in a quick, easy and user-friendly manner.

Authorities monitoring the implementation of the National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) can use the tool to follow the national implementation and to reflect on the next strategy priorities. Updates of the tool in the future will include new questions and objectives to cover the needs of the emerging cybersecurity landscape. This tool also supports the NIS Directive requirements for all the Member States to have a NCSS and regularly update it.

ENISA has also updated its interactive NCSS map, improving its usability and introducing new features, such as the strategy's implemented objectives, detailed examples, version history and language selection.

By Karen Baez | on Thursday, October 4 2018 16:07

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